About DECO

DECOBroadband give you the power of limitless discovery on Internet-from shopping to banking, paying bills to making new friends and not to mention endless fun & learning for children. Switch today to Deco Media and Communications Pvt. ltd Westbengal !

Do I need a phone for Deco Media and Communications Pvt. ltd Services? No you don’t! You can surf the net. That’s the beauty of Deco Media and Communications Pvt. ltd Services.

Why should I choose Deco Media and Communications Pvt. ltd Services?
Whether you are an individual user ( @home ) or a corporate user ( @work ) Deco Media and Communications Pvt. ltd Services has only the best to offer. This means that the load on the connection is far less and a high-speed connection is always guaranteed. Other than that here are the other benefits of a Deco Media and Communications Pvt. ltd Service connection:

Wifi is a wireless technology brand by the wifi Alliance that gives you a host of fantastic advantages ranging from reliability to security. The simple installation procedure gives you access to unsurpassed performance instantly. Common applications for Wifi include Internet and Volp phone access, gaming, and network connectivity for consumer electronics such as televisions, DVD players, and digital cameras. Just like cell phones, televisions and radios, the wireless network also uses radio wavePower Surfing High Speed internet service with Deco Broadband up to 2Mbps, feel the excitement of doing more on Internet. Shop, download Mp3, exchange heavy files and chat at an enviable speed, all thanks to an extensive Broadband Services infrastructure. No more disconnections in the middle of download.

Robust installation Our world class infrastructure & end-to-end digital network of underground fiber cable lines ensure an extremely robust connection that eliminates the risk of damage. Superior server technology and a dedicated port provide total security to data storage and information exchange through the Internet.

24×7 customer support We are just an email or a phone call away. Round-the-clock. 365 days a year! To help us serve you even better, we look forward to your feedback. You suggestions for improvement, brickbats and an occasional bouquet